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                   Welcome to Alison Hall Editorial!

I'm here to help you bring more polish and clarity to your written work, whatever the context.

I can add sparkle and punch to static web copy or proofread a complex grant proposal. I love a strict style guide as much as I love breaking a rule or two if it serves your message.

Among my current and former clients are communications companies, health coaches, entrepreneurs, bloggers, self-publishing authors, PhD candidates, professional speakers, and government agencies.  

Read on for specifics on how I can help you engage the people you most want to reach.

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My goal is to connect you with readers—to get your message across in your voice as clearly and elegantly as possible.

This starts with cleaning up errors in grammar, spelling, syntax, and usage. But it doesn’t stop there! We’ll work together to improve the flow and pacing of your sentences, to improve transitions and reduce clichés, to get readers not just to understand you but to love reading your work.

Here's how we'll do it: I'll embed clarifying questions and stylistic suggestions in brackets in your text, and return the manuscript to you. After you review and address those comments, you'll send the text back to me for a second pass. This ensures that new errors haven’t been introduced (and that I didn’t miss something the first time around). After my second pass, you’ll get a clean copy back—with few, if any, questions—that you can send to your printer or publisher. 


This more extensive level of editing will involve several rounds of back-and-forth exchange between us. I’ll start by asking a few questions about your intended audience, the goals of your book, and what you see as the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses. Each developmental project is different, so with the help of your responses along with a sample of your book, I will propose a process and timeline for getting your book where you want it to be.


Tell me all about you, your business, and your audience, and I'll craft web copy that is clear, compelling, and confidence-inspiring.


Just want grammar, spelling, and glaring errors found and fixed? My proofreading service is for manuscripts that are in great shape but need fresh eyes for that final pass.


Yes, transcription is more than typing! Not too much more, though, which is why you might find cheaper online services. I can offer you complete privacy protection, the highest customer service, and the cleanest possible output.

Pricing information follows. Have other questions?

 Email me!

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Take your book from good to great.

Congratulations on completing your manuscript! I can help you polish it for publishing. My focus is nonfiction, and I especially enjoy editing self-help or educational books in the areas of health, wellness, and nutrition.


Marketing that sounds like you

Writing web copy is often daunting for entrepreneurs. I love it! Tell me your story and I'll give it punch and polish for your website—while making it feel authentically you.


Crafting messages that get you booked

Let's create a one-sheet that catches the eye of a stressed-out meeting planner or an email that compels a jaded CMO to check you out.


Your expertise, plus clarity and flow

I'll unclutter dense prose while respecting your field and your audience, and conforming to strict journal or publisher guidelines.


Let me help your cause.

As a volunteer with the advocacy organization RESULTS, I’ve written letters to the editor, letters to my legislators, and advocated on Capitol Hill for the continuation and expansion of anti-poverty programs in the U.S. I’m passionate about equality for women and reversing the income and wealth gaps, and I am a champion of many other causes. Therefore I’m excited to offer free copyediting or proofreading to select nonprofit organizations in need.

Please email me to find out more!



The fee for this service, two full editing passes, starts at $30/hr. Every project is different, but a rough estimate for copyediting a 30,000-word manuscript is $875. Lots of flexibility with payment terms!

Heavier copyediting will be charged on an hourly basis at $35/hr.

Developmental editing will be charged on an hourly basis at $40/hr.

I'll start with a free, sample edit of up to 500 words and return it to you with a specific cost estimate and proposed schedule.


The fee for web copywriting, newsletter articles, blog posts, or development of marketing materials is calculated per project at a rate of $40/hr.


The fee for proofreading is $0.01 per word, with a $30 minimum.

After proofing a 500-word sample, I will send a specific time and cost estimate.


The fee for transcription is $25 per hour (or $1.66 per audio minute).

How Long Will it Take?

It takes four hours to transcribe one hour of audio, assuming clear sound and no more than two speakers.



I write and I edit, but I’ll be honest: Writing is hard!

Editing, to me, is a joy.

My bio, quick version: After earning a BA in English from Colgate University, I returned home to become a reporter at my small-town newspaper. This job cured me of writer’s block (reporters had to submit at least three stories by 9 a.m. every day) and revealed my knack for headline writing. I soon moved on, heading to New York City to join Institutional Investor magazine, where I honed my copyediting skills under the guidance of an invaluable mentor who taught me to question everything.

I hopped over to the other side of the tracks when I was accepted into the creative writing program at Boston University, getting a master’s degree in fiction writing in 1992.

Then I put all of the above skills to work during nearly 25 years as writer and editor at a group of magazines covering business travel, conference planning, adult education, employee motivation, and the power of live events.

Throughout, I've loved playing with words and finding the musicality in a beautiful sentence. As a copyeditor, I know the rules and follow them, but I can bend them too, if that will carry readers along rather than put them off.

My magazine career took me around the world and taught me a ton. But I've always been most truly happy in the copyeditor’s chair, facing fresh text that needs my knowledge to make it right and my ear to make it great.




“I couldn’t have been more fortunate than to have Alison Hall apply her mastery to the editing of my manuscript. Her keen eye, diligence, insight, and caring heart were perfect for the job. But more than that, she was a true partner in making my message fuller and clearer than I had imagined.”

Karen Azeez

Author, The Kindfulness Solution

Certified Health Coach, Well Beings With Karen Azeez

New York, NY

"I was looking for an editor but I found a great friend, partner, and mentor. It was such a pleasure working with Alison and a real treat to receive her notes! Her kind and witty questions helped me to see my recipes through the readers’ eyes and to be sure that I had no empty content and every word had a real value. I felt that I was working with a true professional and a deeply caring and trusted friend who was invested in not just finishing her part of the work but bringing my book to life all the way through the process. I cannot recommend Alison enough!"

Tamila Urazayeva

Author, 3 Ingredients or So: Easy, Healthy, Everyday Cooking

Holistic Health Coach, Easy Steps Wellness

"During my years leading an editorial team, I relied on Alison’s sharp editorial eye. Not only was she a talented and prolific writer, she played a pivotal role as an astute editor, turning others’ prose, particularly non-professional writers, into clear and well-structured narratives. Her self-motivation and willingness to go the extra mile are unparalleled. Trust was a big factor!"

Betsy Bair

VP, Strategic Narratives

Velvet Chainsaw

Editorial Director (former)


“Alison is a pleasure! Witty, kind, and extremely proficient, she makes the arduous and important tasks of copyediting and proofreading look easy. Highly recommend!”

Ginny Caggiano


Crackerjack Communications
Wellesley, MA



Please email me or fill out the contact form at right.

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